A study of more than 71,000 consumers worldwide shows that they have little patience for stock-outs.

Stopping Stock-outs

Consumers don’t tolerate stock outs. The Harvard Business Review wrote about this in 2004, reporting that nearly a third of consumers opt to buy an out-of-stock product elsewhere.

Fourteen years later, IHL Group, quantified this by publishing a whitepaper on stockouts costing retailers US$984 billion in lost sales.

Shelfie is putting a stop to this today. Everyday. For retailers across the world.

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Staff efficiency and
effectiveness improvement

Automation of menial stock monitoring tasks liberates floor staff to focus on serving customers towards increased average basket sizes.

Sales revenue
growth optimisation

Minimising stock gaps on shelves improves consumer propensity to purchase.

Shelfie cameras can be mounted on top of any standard retail shelf. The cameras take images of retail shelves, and these images are then collected and transferred to the cloud. A cloud-based advanced machine learning and image processing algorithm is used to analyse the shelf images. Once an event is detected the data is sent to the dashboard and mobile app. Detected events are updated automatically to mobile devices informing floor staff to re-stock specific items. HOW IT WORKS

Deep Learning

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Combining data with AI vision analytics at the edge and powerful Intel technology, SHELFIE enables retailers to deliver seamless customer experiences, increase sales revenue, and accelerate their business transformation

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